Hi There,

I would like to recommend my mom to you as a confinement nanny.
She is a Malaysia, who doing confinement for relative & own child only. She also taking care of her own grandchild until 2 years old.
Before that, she own a "chi char" store at Malaysia. Due to helper problem, she decided to close down.
Currently she decided to work as a confinement lady.
Her job will be preparing food for mother (all kind of confinement food), taking care of baby, prepare shower (herb) for mother & etc.
She also know how to cook foods traditionally believed to increase milk supply.
She is actually very flexible, you can also tell her what you wish to eat, she will prepare for you

She available for non-stay-in & stay-in.

If you are interested, you can contact her at 83831238 or email at char8018@gmail.com