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EGG On Mid Jul 2013

This is a discussion on EGG On Mid Jul 2013 within the Year 2013 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Does anyone know about the OSCAR test? This test is complusory to do?...

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    EGG On Mid Jul 2013

    Does anyone know about the OSCAR test? This test is complusory to do?

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    Re: EGG On Mid Jul 2013

    depends if you wanna do. I'm 24 and gynae say it's optional cause I'm still young. So I opt out..

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    Re: EGG On Mid Jul 2013


    I'm a Feb 2013 mummy, and wanna spread the word about the good confinement lady that i have. This is her 6th week with me already and i continue to enjoy your good service, so thought i'll return a favor by sharing about her. I'm a first time mum, and her name is Yulian Auntie.

    1) She cooks well, without using MSG, yet the food tastes naturally sweet and is appetizing, she cooks not only for me, but for my family upon my request, so this saves us all alot of hassle 2) She's easy going, when I was struggling at the start with breastfeeding, she went along with my request of intervals feeding, she didnt make too much noise when my supply was low at start and tried to rock my crying baby to sleep where poss, 3) She is prompt with caring for my baby, once she hears her cries, she would put whatever she is doing down to attend to my baby, calm her down etc 4) She's knowledgeable, about how to deal with gassy baby, heat/milk rash, teething issues etc..

    I've had peers with less accommodating confinement ladies and heard of those who were not as flexible and easy going, hence on hindsight, my confinement lady is quite good, though i think at the end of the day, it also depends on the chemistry btw the mother and the confinement lady, and also how we all manage our expectations. I'm a first time mum, so this is what i know so far based on my own personal experience.

    We all are different, and hence, you might want to talk to her to decide for yourself, or meet up with her.

    If you are interested to hire her, she is available by July 2013, here is her contact info.

    1) Spore Hp: +65 8450 4313 (for when she is in Sg like now)
    2) Malaysia Hp: +60 16604 8468


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