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First Time Moms (FTMs)

This is a discussion on First Time Moms (FTMs) within the Year 2013 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Originally Posted by PuTRi Hi all! Im also a FTM. Currently @ 25th week! Baby boy is very active. Had ...

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    Re: First Time Moms (FTMs)

    Quote Originally Posted by PuTRi View Post
    Hi all! Im also a FTM. Currently @ 25th week! Baby boy is very active. Had terrible 1st trimester - vomitting, blackouts, moody. Only in mid of 4th month/after 14th week than sickness subsides. I was small n skinny wt weight of 44kg. Now i am at 63kg. I like to wear loose tops, now most cant fit n im borrowing my mom's clothes 1st for these 4 mths more. Hehe... Mom say y waste money on clothes you wear temp only. Nah take my clothes 1st... Non of my bottoms (skirts/jeans/pants) can fit!!! Wearing leggings only. I only start to see the kiking n "wave" from baby @ 23rd weeks onward. I have a lot of body aches, n discomfort. The mid wife who do post natal massage for me told me that my baby got long legs so tats y my sides hurt wen he streched out! It is also due to my small body frame. My friends who long time never see me wen we bump into one another outside said i look better compare to my past skinny body. Now i also feel so heavy that sometimes i got jerky scared wen i took the elevator, it "drop" slightly due to my weight!!! Omg!!! Hahaha... Sometimes i misses the things i used to do but now cant due to being pregnant. Such as my hubby carry me from couch to bedroom if i fall asleep. Now he wakes me up. Says im too heavy for him!!! *faint*
    Wow! your weight increased alot! I wonder what will be mine!

    Hi all! I am also a FTM too. Currently at 4th week only.

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    Re: First Time Moms (FTMs)

    Quote Originally Posted by cn naz View Post
    Ugh i had a whole month if morning sickness when i was pregnant. And it was not even just morning. It should be called whole day and night sickness. Hated it. But it got better. Hang in there
    yup... taken doctor's anti vomit pills and feel so much better

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    Re: First Time Moms (FTMs)

    Quote Originally Posted by roudx View Post
    Hello all FTMs! I am 15 weeks too. But next check-up at Jan 18th, for detail scan to check baby and also seeing the gender...
    @chanelloo : So good, 16 weeks can go see gender .. I still gonna wait.. Haha, so excited.. I'm also small built, so if i were to wear a top that hugs me, my tummy also very obvious.. Even my friend commented that my tummy is bigger than them (When they are preggy with their #1) .. Haha..
    But colleagues n friends are able to guess I'm preggy when i'm only 8 weeks .. -_-"
    I am about same week as you.
    Still having nauseous and vomiting. Hunger pangs too. I stopped work.
    Struggling with the symptoms to get over.....
    Scan last week, can see baby is boy. Detailed scan in January.

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    First Time Moms (FTMs)

    Congratulations to all parents to be!

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