Hello all, im new here. I am facing some medical problem now, adenomyosis (growth in the womb) but i had done 3 scans before it was confirmed growing outside my womb.

Now, i have plans to settle down and did tell my boyfriend about this condition and he was not able to accept it. I have a few questions.

1) Will it cause any painful intercourse with this condition? I read up on a website, it may cause pain. But i am wonder if the location of the growth differs.

2) Should i remove the womb, would there be no urge to have intercourse? And also, will this result in painful intercourse?

3) I am planning to see Tong Ji traditional chinese medicine next week, can the doctor help me in this condition (probably reduce the size of growth)?

In fact, i fear of infertility and fear of painful intercourse.

Thanks in advance for your contribution.