I write to share our family experience with the Kids Dentist.

My son is only 2 years old and because of nursing, 4 of his front teeth were decayed. My first impression of Dr Rashid wasn’t that pleasant because he didn’t even bother to shave. It was fine since it has nothing to do with me. It was my son’s appointment. Thanks to his dressing, my son saw him and started to cry because he can recognize doctor and doctor remind him of vaccination. I went on to assure my son that there was no injection but I got reprimanded by Dr Rashid. According to him, I should tell my son that he was not a doctor. Technically, he was correct. He is a dentist and not a doctor. He even went on to reprimand my wife for not taking care of my son. My wife fell asleep when breast feeding my son. The way he speaks was just plain rude. His tone was very accusing. A lot of “why” and “you should”.

After seeing my son’s teeth, he recommended that we should pull out all 4 teeth!!! My son is only 2 years old! The reason he gave was because it was the easiest solution and he even told us to be fair to him because if I go for filling the filling might crack. Does he need to answer to us if the filling cracks???

We honestly doubted his professionalism and we decided to send our son back to korea for treatment and true enough the dentist gave a totally different view. They dont’t recommend pulling out the teeth because it will hurt the children’s pride when they grow up and it was unnecessary. We were recommended to do a procedure similar to crowning and the overall cost of the operation is less than $1k including sedation compare to what Dr Rashid clinic quoted me of $5k.

Our experience with The Kids Clinic was awful. If your kids suffered the same fate as in if sedation is required, please get a referral letter from polyclinic and send him to the kid clinic in singapore general hospital.