Dear Mummies,

I am mum of 2 with a busy full time job. After my 2nd child arrived, I have no private time to do exercise and tight with busy work style.
Therefore, my weight gaining closed to 60kgs. I wouldn't goes back my standard weight 48kgs (2 years back).

Few months ago, I met my sponsor who introduced me this amazing healthy breakie.
In 2 months time, I lose 5kgs just with 2 meals replacement daily and without exercise.

This 'WOW' result really impressed me and I have my beautiful weight at 52kgs and I still maintained it.

Appreciated to my sponsor, gifted me back my confident and I started gained into the business with the team.

Hereby, to who wants to lose weight or business opportunity (Part time/Full Time) feel free to contact me.

If you wants both, congrats here is your 'Change'.
Do it or pass it.

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