Hi Mummies,

I used to eat alot and drink alot milk in my first trimester. Now im
18 weeks, i start to lose apetite on almost everything, even my
favorite milk. Instead, I enjoy cold drinks and durians. But not
healthy for baby, so i only drink like a yakult a day to quench my

last week i went Kandang Kerbau Hospital a&e and they said I had urine tract infection
MOST LIKELY. however, the pharmacist told my brother to stop consume
all medications if receive any calls later.

so i didnt receive calls and started eating the antibotics and a
"soda" drink. But i got really dizzy. So i reduced intake myself.

Now after 7 days, im feeling very lerthargic and super lost of

anyone lost apetite?
Im worried its due to too much medications
(duphaston, fish oil, phamlets, calcium, antibotics for urine