I started going to pre natal yoga classes at the beginning of my 2nd trimester and have tried mother and child as well as COMO Shambala.
Personally I prefer the relatively more intense work out at COMO shambala and I like the teaching style of the instructor,Lay Peng.
However, I had 2 back to back negative experiences at COMO recently.

I am a full time working female and weekend is pretty much the only time I have for any pre natal work out so I always look forward to my Sunday yoga classes. For those who have been COMO shambala yoga, you would know that no pre booking is necessary. So imagine my surprise when I showed up 5 min before my fav Sunday class to be informed that the class is full! This is due to a mistake in assigning a small studio for a popular class. They did offer another class at 1pm but unfortunately, we already have lunch plans with my family and won't be able to make it.

This will be the 2nd prenatal yoga class i will be missing as COMO canceled last Sunday lessson. Well, at least they bothered to SMS a day before to inform us. At this rate, I doubt I will be able to utilized my 10 classes package before I pop!