Hi mummies!!! Finding a good n experience massage lady for your afterbirth?Pre/postnatal or relaxing?.Having bad backache during your pregnancy or afterbirth?Or having engorgement or water retention afterbirth?I,m a massage lady with 20yrs of experience.My massage package with affordable n reasonable price will sure make you mummy happy n satisfied with the improvement in you yourself.As n experience mums,I know you mummies need a good n a trust worthy massage lady that you can share with your postnatal problem.N here I,m has a mum n a massage lady will treats you has my own n do a good service has possibles.My services are as:-
1)whole body massage hd to toe
2)hot compress on tummy
3)Jamu ( pilis ,tapel, param)
4)Bengkong or binder

Interested mummies can msg or call at my mobiles at (93766413)leave your hp or note incase I out station n I,ll get back to you has possibles.Booking for yr 2013 are availables now.So Y wait HuRRY......Book your Slots now!!!!