Dear all mommy,

I am sure you will have same feeling as me if you have fdw. with the high cost of living, we need to go out and work so that we have double income. thus, leave us with not much choice if we dont't have anyone who can help to look after our children. i have employed both Indo and Filipino with the later my current maid. i will like to share that it is very stressful as most maid gives different set of prob. Indo maid with some weird and revengeful - imagine they pour their urine into your cooking oil (naughty but stupid. how can oil and water mix together. if has been into soup, i willnever fi d out) but think back, wonder what other nonsense she have did that was not discovered. My current Fili maid has 1 day off. she has 1ex-bf broke off and found another new one. her contract is expiring apr and asked me for renewal. i agreed since i dont't have to go thru hassle to train new maid. 2wks ago, i have stranger calling my home few times and hung up when i picked up the call. next i have flowers sent to my home for her. sender name and address isempty. when i asked she said didn't know that man. how can this be that her name and my address is there. when i want to send her bach agency, all reveal. apparently she found new aussie lover 45yrs old last Nov. i suspected she may b working as escort or even pt pros. with MOM regulation of 4 days off, more of such prob will arise. who will b affected, we all employer. there is AES for maid agency and maid embassy to help maid. how about us fdw. wedon't really get much supportfrom MOM or CASE. Will you agreethat it is time for us tosetup fdw employer union or association to protect our rights ?. all fdw is asking for salary increase, embassy is fighting for no loan and passed cost to employer, maid agency is going to increase hiring fees.... at the end employers are impacted the most... who will understand and hears our cries.? i hope we will have some talented or professional role mommy who can step up to lead this. i will certainly join as member and help to recruit member. we have AWARE, why not another FDWARE for all FDW issue? only when we are unitef, webuild the strebgth or get our voice heard....calling any lawyer mommy to help us!,,