Hello mummies n mother to-be!!!! Here me again with my magic hand helping you mummies with your women problem.Having engorgement on your armpit? Backache afterbif,loose bladder,urinary leakage,less milk supply,need someone like your mum n share your postnatal depression,All I did is to care for you mummies.Problem with your baby at nite,new mummies problem with baby having colic?here I am always for you mummies.I,m attending mummies with c-section also.For those mummies that interested can call me at (93766413) or Jb (0149133240) for feder quiry.So y wait mummies ,Call now !!!!!

1)Full body massage (hd to toe)
2)Jamu apply (pilis param,tapel)
3)hot compress
4)binder or Bengkong wrapping
5)baby massage(above 10dyfree)

ROSHA MASSAGE SERVICE always gave d best:honesty,trustworthy,dedicated is our aim.