Hi sweeties mummies n mother to-be!!!! Here again ROSHA with her Pre/postnatal n relaxing massage at your comfort home.Finding a trustworthy n ability massage lady for your aching body?,engorgement or blog duct under your or armpit?Loose bladder,push up womb n swollen body with water retention?All you think is,need a special attention to your internal parts .Need me to clear up your worries?Just msg me at +6593766413 or JB Nos at 0149133240.Slots are open for end Sept till Dec 2013.Shall open new slots for next year 2014 slots.For JB mummies that interested for booking n services,pls notes that charges will be spore $$$$.Services are as:-

1)Hd to toe massage
2)Hot compress or tungku (0n tummy)
3)Jamu apply
4)Binder or Bengkong wrapping

Package services is advised,no hidden cost call or msg me for slots booking .So y wait cAll now for more details