Traditional Indian jewelry has a beauty and style of its own. If you want to give Indian-style jewelry to others, or to yourself, there are a variety of options. They range from simple pieces that can be worn every day to more elaborate designs that are suitable to wear on special occasions.


Indian earrings are crafted to celebrate an Indian woman's earlobes, which are considered one of the most feminine qualities. Indian earrings are usually dramatic and tend to be larger than many styles manufactured in the west. Earrings crafted in authentic Indian style are often colorful and typically are made of gold or silver. In ancient times, Indians made earrings out of various materials, such as feathers, animal teeth, flowers or seeds. Today, Indian earrings often are given as a symbol of affection and admiration.


Traditional Indian necklaces are intricate and come in a myriad of lengths, sizes, shapes and colors. Some of the most common materials used to make Indian necklaces are gold and silver. Common gem stones range from rubies, pearls and sapphires to diamonds, moonstones and amethysts. In India, necklaces play a vital role in a woman's wardrobe and are often considered a symbol of status and class, with only the nation's rulers wearing double-stranded beads adorned with ornamentation. Indian necklaces are given for a variety of occasions, including wedding and engagement gifts. The given piece symbolizes that the woman has been taken by another.

Matin John