SG Members - Another discount code! $5 off first purchase with minimum of $29 by shopping online! I have tried them. Good service, good chickens! No need to stress where to purchase the antibiotics & hormones free chickens esp feets!

Kee Song Chickens (Halal) A safe option for your family! Antibiotics & Hormones Free. Price is reasonable and best of all free delivery min $29! Hehe.

What's in the products?
- our usual SAKURA chicken
- their famous Carogold chicken (try to get this if possible)
- chicken feets! - I dont rem seeing anywhere other than here
- carcass (can try to request if you are buying alot)

GOSH! Kampung Chicken & BLACK CHICKEN too! I am always thinking where to get antibiotics & hormones free black chicken..

Detailed post by Dr Leslie here on CAROGOLD Chicken:

1) You will need to key C42 under ref code upon signing up, please see attached image.

2) At the make payment page they will have to key in “hellokeesong” under promo code and click “use promo” icon, to activate the $5 off their first purchase. Please see attached image for reference.

***You may share the code around to get $5 off instantly with min $29. Free delivery too.