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Leaving drinks on a wooden table top can lead to ugly, pale rings being formed where the base of the glass or mug rested. The best way to avoid moisture rings is to place coasters under drinks. These can be purchased in a range of shapes, materials and styles, but coasters can also be made at home. This is a great craft project with a functional end product. Here are some instructions for making wood coaster.
1. Mark the shape for each coaster on a piece of 1/4-inch thick wood. These coaster outlines can be any shape you want, and they do not need to be identical.
2. Cut out each of the shapes using a saw. An electrical band saw or jigsaw is best, but a hand saw can also be used. A jigsaw should be used if making circular coasters.
3. Sand each coaster with a course-grit sandpaper to remove rough edges and splinters, and then repeat with a fine-grit sandpaper to seal the grain.
4. Attach a piece of sandpaper to an electrical sander, and then gently sand the edges at an angle to create an attractive bevel on the top edge of each coaster.
5. Finish the coasters as desired. If using fiberboard, painting is best, but a layer of wood primer will need to be painted on first. For natural wood, a wood stain or varnish leaves the grain visible, and no primer is required. These can be applied using a paint brush. Leave the coasters to dry overnight, and then apply a second coat of the finish. If applying a primer, leave this to dry overnight, before painting.
6. Place each coaster on a sheet of cork or self-adhesive felt. Trace around the outside of each one, and then cut out the shapes.
7. Apply the cork or felt to the bottom of the coasters. If using cork, wood glue will need to be applied to the base of the coasters first. For self-adhesive felt, peal off the backing paper and carefully apply it to the bottom of the coasters.

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Wood Coasters