Dear all Mummy,

Would really like to share with you gals about my horrible experience with Nanny SOS Confinement Lady - Siew Rong/Yong, born in 1955, Segamat ppl, Malaysian. Do note that this Lady do take up Ad-hoc confinement job.

  • Simply Use Facilities (eg, home phone) without permission - I had no idea when she used it until my husband pick up a call from her friends. Till now I have no idea where she call to until I received the bill from Telco!
  • Consumed goods (eg, "give birth" presents from sisters gang/colleagues) without permission - she even simply just open the fridge for foods (some of them are my eldest daughter food! HORRIBLE!)
  • Poor quality in taking care of baby (eg, giving overheated milk to baby) - she keep a lot of excuse and do not feed baby milk in front of me, the overheated milk is noticed by my husband.
  • Laziness - always talking to phones with her friends and relatives, even sleep at the different room with me and baby! Isn't she suppose to take care of me and baby?!
  • Do not follow instructions (by my mother in law) while cooking. Simply just make all the dishes very salty and oily which does not suit after give birth mummy. Furthermore, she cook a lot in one meal, used up a lot of materials prepared for my confinement which end up my mother in law has to go back to Malaysia and source for them. My mother in law say her, she response back, if I cannot finish, she can eat. TERRIBLE!

Besides, the agency failed to give me a replacement, which is a great disappointment.
In total my husband "pay" her $220 including Ang pow, $20 on arrival, $20 on leaving and $180 for her 2.5 days "helping".
Now I have to take care of the baby myself while I am in my confinement.

If there is any good confinement lady to recommend to me (at this last min), it will be greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,