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Do not buy insurance from GE

This is a discussion on Do not buy insurance from GE within the Year 2015 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Hi moms out there. If you ever think of buying insurance for yourself or love ones from GE, I would ...

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    Do not buy insurance from GE

    Hi moms out there. If you ever think of buying insurance for yourself or love ones from GE, I would urge you to think carefully.

    I have very bad experience with them. I want to share my experience with you.

    1st, I was hospitalised in june this year due to diahhrea and fever. At that point I was about 32 weeks pregnant. My diahhrea lasted for 2 weeks, non-stop. And 5 days into my diahhrea i delivered. I think it was too much for the fetus to take then. So I admitted due to diahhrea. But when my claims was submitted to GE, they said I could not claim cause I went in for child birth. My goodness. From the hospital bill submitted they should know what it was about as I understand within GE they have their own doctor ot consultant doctor, whatever they called. There were charges for stool and blood tests done, medications, etc. And if I admitted for delivery, it should not have taken 5 days to deliver. If I were to have a normal premature delivery, I do not think baby will be able to wait for 5 days that long.

    My insuance rep appealed for me and I have also submitted to them a report written by my gynae on cause of admission. i have also supplied proof that before I was admitted, as my fever and diahhrea got worst, I was seen by a GP for diahhrea and fever. And guess what?? It's been months now and they are still processing. Can't believe it.

    2nd, my insurance rep has resigned from GE, till now I have not heard or receive notice from them on replacement. Totally no sound no music. I have insurance from other agency. They will send notice to inform. I am surprise GE seems professional, but in fact they are not.

    3rd, when I called today 1 dec 2015, to check on status of my claim, I was surprise to know they they need a letter from me which I have no idea about. I was not told, I checked with the rep, she had no idea, worst of all, no letter from them to inform they require anything till today.

    Can anyone of you trust an insurance agency, such as this, with your life??

    No matter how good the rep can be, ultimately they are only doing sales. When issues arises, it's the back office which will handle our case. With the way they handle things, everyone should think twice before signing on the dotted line.

    All these only make me feel that they are interested to sell you insurance but they are not interested at all to settle your claim.

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    Re: Do not buy insurance from GE

    To add on, after I delievered, I wanted to buy insurance for my son from GE. He is premature but apgar reading was excellent, may be better then some full term babies.. A very healthy and strong boy. But GE came back to say that I need to wait till my son is 1yr old. What??? They asked for apgar reading. If they cannot accept premature babies, made it clear. Why ask for apgar reading and make me and the rep wasted time and effort to go through the tedious documentation? Furthermore they are not cheap. In the end I bought from AIA, at least they have specifics to what I need and not compulsorily bundled with this and that, items which you may not want. So to this I have to thank GE for rejecting. I paid a lot lesser with AIA.

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