Hi i wish to feedback in regards to this chua chu kang preschool above singapore post office. I do not quite like the system from the centre and have decided to withdrawl my child after 1week from the centre. I heard that the previous centre chinese supervisor is much more better as she can handle more well better than this current superior. I went to quite a few pre school to compare and this orange tree expectation from the supervisor is very high and from the way she talk us into enrollment is like the school has enough teacher and thing like she bring up we parent must have confident. The way she handles is way too arrogant and i have a friend who has a twin in their outlet for about 6mths before she withdrawl the child out due a stressful procedure she had with the centre supervisor. She was super upset that as a centre supervior she did not fight for the parents and when parent wanted to withdraw badly she can some more say is there anything i can do to make her stay, she the centre supervisor never admit she can make a mistake, first thing she ask is zit because of the teachers so when my friend told her no not the teachers is herself, she doesnt sound happy. So my friend told me never never enroll my child in the preschool name orange tree at chua chu kang. Another friend of mine who is there in k2 she mention nowadays the teacher can tell the child i am not going to bother about you and when his child went home to tell the parents they are so angry and wanted to take him out immediate because among the K2 parents they have gather a talk on the forum because of the lack of management and centre supervisor the school has now gone down to it name no longer the best preschool that used to be when it was a chinese supervisor previously. The new superior has done a bad image to the school of orange tree as expectation is way too highly set.