Hi! Everyone I just delivered a month ago. I got to know a massage lady name Aunty Yati. She is very pleasant n nice. She will tell you what shes gonna do to your body so you will know what to expect. Her message is very gentle and smooth. She dont talk much during the massage cos she prefers you to relax while she massage. Every sessions is about 1hr long. Her charges includes transport, oil n wraps (2 wraps). She will also advice you on things pertaining to your body condition (very informative). Oh ya she will massage you from head to toe includes yr breast n butt. Her charges varies so its best that you call her yrself to asked on the packages that she can offer. Her no. is 93838749.

I know it is tedious to look for a good massage lady hence im doing all mothers to be a favor cos i,ve been in yr shoes.