Hi, my name is Marcia. I am from Canada and I will be moving to Singapore in April. I have a healthy 10 month old baby girl and I m currently 8 weeks pregnant. When I was pregnant with my baby girl, we did a 3D/4D scan in Toronto and it was fantastic and an amazing experience. I was hoping to do the same for my second baby. However, when I ask around if anyone can recommend me a good place that I can get my 3D/4D scan with reasonable price in another Singapore mummy forum, someone shot me an answer saying it is not recommended in Singapore due to the high ultrasound wave. I just want to know what are everyone views as it was such a common thing to do in Australia, United States and Canada as the experience is amazing and once in a life time to see your baby in your tummy. It is also proven that ultrasound is harmless to the baby and this is with me reading up and spoken to my obstetrician in Canada. It will be great to hear from everyone's' views. Thank you.