Was making some enquies with this new life childcare branch and was shocked to hear this teacher who has no patience with young kids. And also i find that the teacher are mostly quite old n doesnt seem to have love and care. Would urge parents to think twice searching for a preschool. I do have a friend who enroll her child and often incident happen n blames are being pushed to one another. And this parent also mention the supervisor also doesnt know how to managed suitations and the way she speak doesnt seem to be understandable when we ask certain question during our queries around in May. Parents think twice n also e celing at the children lunch area is super dangerous as when we looked up it wasnt cover with anything to prevent accident. The floor tiles also quite dangerous as young children tends to run and it not suitable to have this type of tiles. Wonder how come ecda can approve this centre to operate . My friend who child is enroll in the centre say alot of feedback but no action taken. Would think twice to enroll my child in this school.