Just wanna share some recipes from a book called "Diet Therapy for Infants" on creative cooking with breast milk.

Breast Milk Porridge

35g Cooked rice
100cc Water
5g Carrot
5g Peas
10cc breast milk

1. Cook water and rice until thick. Flame off and allow to cool, add in breast milk and stir well.
2. Put in blended/mashed cooked carrots and peas. Ready to serve.

Breast Milk with Bean Curd

1 small piece soft bean curd
5g carrot
5g peas
some potato flour
10cc breast milk

1. Steam bean curd until cooked. Set aside.
2. Cook carrot and peas with 150cc boiling water. Blend well. Mix well and thicken gravy with potato flour and some water. May add some salt if the baby is 7 to 8 months old and above.
3. Mix till the mixture is think. Remove from flame, leave to cool, mix with breast milk. Pour it onto steamed bean curd. Serve.