Step 1) Heat up the oil, once hot, pour in the eggs and fry. Move the pan so that the eggs coats the pan in a thin layer (like the eggs normally in nasi lemak). Set aside to cool so that you can shred them into thin strips.

Step 2) Heat up some oil, put in chopped garlic, add some salt. Once fragrant, put in sotong balls and the vegetables. Fry until fragrant. Turn to med heat. Add in oyster sauce, one tablespoon. Continue frying till fragrant. Turn to low heat. Add in pasta. Slowly fry and turn the pasta as you add in oyster sauce (2 tablespoons) so that all parts of the pasta is "coated" with the oyster sauce. Turn up the heat slightly (not to much otherwise pasta will get burnt) and add in the already shredded egg. Stir fry a while then add in 1 tablespoon of dark soya sauce. Stir fry in low heat until colour is even throughout to ensure taste is evenly spreaded. Dish up and serve hot.