Ingredients A
Chopped shallot and garlic : 1 tbsp
Dried shrimp : 200g (washed, soak to soften, drain)

Ingredients B
Chopped shallot and garlic : 2 tbsp
Chinese mushroom : 40 pcs (washed, soak to
soften, drain)
* Huiji Waist Tonic : 1 – 2 cup (Huiji measuring cup)

Ingredients C
Pork belly : 2 kg (washed, cut into 40 pcs, marinate
for 1 hr with seasonings)
Oyster Sauce : 2 tbsp
Dark soya sauce : 1 tbsp
Sesame Oil : 1 tbsp
Hua tiao wine : 2 tbsp
Ground pepper : ˝ tsp.
Five spice powder : ˝ tsp
Salt : ˝ tsp
Sugar : ˝ tbsp
Corn flour : 1 tbsp

Ingredients D
Dried Chestnut : 250g (washed, soak overnight)


1) Heat up 3 tbsp oil over medium flame, stir fry
Ingredients A till aromatic, dish up, reserve for use
2) Heat up 3 tbsp oil over medium flame, sauté
chopped shallot and garlic from Ingredients B, add
mushroom to fry till aromatic
3) Add marinated pork belly and fry till fragrant
4) Mix fry chestnut till fragrant
5) Add suitable amount of water, simmer till water is
soak up, dish up
6) Take 2 pieces of bamboo leaves, fold to form a
pyramid shape
7) Put 2 tbsp of glutinuous rice into it, dig a hole in
the centre, add in fillings, cover with another 2 tbsp
of glutinuous rice, wrap up, tighten with nylon string
8) Boil a large pot of water. Add in dumplings, cover
and cook with low heat for 2 hours till cooked and