Servings: 4
2 potatoes peeled
ACADO™ oil
2¼ tazas (280 g) harina
2 Eggs
1 egg

Boil enough water in a large pot. It ' s cooking the potatoes into the boiling water until you can picarlas easily with a fork, between 20 and 25 minutes. Drained, let the potatoes will enfríen a little and machácalas well.
Mix the mashed potato, flour and egg in a bowl big. Knead until mix well forming a ball. Divide the dough into four pieces and shape "Snakes" Long and short every throw in chunks of 1.5 centimeters.
Boil enough water with salt in a large pot. Cooking pasta from 3 to 5 minutes or until you start to float. If necessary, it ' s cooking pasta in parts.
Brings out the ñoquis of the water with a spoon ranurada, drained well and serve with your favorite salsa.
The "gnocchi" is a famous Italian pasta with potato as main ingredient is a dish fast, easy and cheap to surprise your family.

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