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1st time pregnant very confused?

This is a discussion on 1st time pregnant very confused? within the First Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; I had miss my period for around 2 weeks plus. when i end work i reach home take a pregnancy ...

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    1st time pregnant very confused?

    I had miss my period for around 2 weeks plus. when i end work i reach home take a pregnancy test And the results turn out to be positive .I am really kind of scared as i did not plan to conceive at least not in this stage of life. Then as to further determine i test it again by drinking some water and the test results become negative. Then the next day morning i test it again it it positive again..I told my husband about it and we decided to go for a HCG blood test to confirm it but results will only be out a few days later . Here are some questions that i am really very confused if i really turn out to be pregnant. Can someone please give me some advice .thanks

    1) is the HCG blood test 100% accurate?

    2) I had plan to go japan next year april in the event if i am pregnant can i still go? Which stage of pregnancy can not travel anymore?

    3)I had just started work this year aug at a very small company. In oct i check for my confirmation my boss told me i am confirmed and i will be entitle to all the benefits as stated in the appointment letter. The problem is the appointment letter never mention anything about maternity leave benefits. In the meantime i had read the mom website regarding the maternity leave so it mean that even though it is never written in the appointment letter an female employee is covered under the maternity benefits as long as she had served her employer at least 3 mths?

    4)My co is really small .There are only 2 staff in the office including myself and a male colleague in charge of technical stuff. In the past there are more staff as they want to cut costs so they terminate one female admin. The thing is i am quite sure they will find excuse to terminate me if i am to be found pregnant as firstly there is no one to cover my work in the case that if i need to go on maternity leave or the need to take extra mc. I am working as a admin assistant as all people know this position can be replace very easily by any person as it does not require much skills . In the event if they terminate me give reasons like poor performance can i go to the mom to ask for compensation? If they terminate me in the early stages of pregnancy before the third month am i still covered under maternity leave? there is no proper hr in this company there is no one to ask .. i am afraid that if i take too many medical leaves due to bad morning sickness sooner or later they will question me and i will have to tell my boss about my pregnancy.

    Very confused

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    Re: 1st time pregnant very confused?

    Hey! I'm new here and recently found out about my pregnancy early this week. It's my first!

    If there's chances you see positive, I guess you are confirmed pregnant! That's a good news really.

    1. HCG blood test is accurate.. I did mine when I was still very early.. figure was 150 then it doubled to 300 the next 2 days. If the result come back to be above 25mIU/ml then yes you are pregnant.

    2. In April you should be in your trimester 2.. no issue traveling and safest I bet.. Lots of my friends traveled for babymoon during this time. Provided no complication and doctor say you are good to go. Near to end of third trimester airline would not let you fly because they worried woman who went into labour on flight.

    3. I guess if I'm you I would keep it to myself till 1st trimester ends and everything is stable. I think would be protected if you announce your pregnancy within 6 months from confinement (Someone can correct me if this is not right). If you have a understanding boss maybe you can let them know first? or just wait till your tummy show and they find out themselves.

    4. All the best! Just let find out whatever you can and reduce your worry due to uncertainty. I was once like you

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