Hihi mummies! im new here and this is my first time posting a thread here =) hmm..would like some advice here .. currently im 8 wks preggie, just came back from an ultrascan yesterday. i suffered 2 miscarriages recently and was so happy when i found out im pregnant again! (scared but happy too =p) 2weeks back went to gynae for scan and found a blood clot in placenta and i was spotting.gynae seems worried bout it too coz of previous history. so he could only wish me good luck and had to go for painful injections once evy 3days for the past 2weeks. But ytd when i went for scan, gynae was so happy for me coz he said blood clot getting much smaller and baby looks fine! yeah! However, i still feel very worried coz im afraid of blood clots coming back . Anyone who has similar situation but goes on to have smooth delivery?