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Changing mood and heavy minds

This is a discussion on Changing mood and heavy minds within the First Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; hi mummies, im currently in my 10 weeks preg and this is my first. i have not't had many trouble during ...

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    Changing mood and heavy minds

    hi mummies, im currently in my 10 weeks preg and this is my first. i have not't had many trouble during this first trimester, i didn't vomit but nausea alot which i know is normal. but what worries me alot is my mood changing and heavy minds towards many things. recently i often had nightmares and hard to sleep. Luckily my hubby help alot in my mood changing by his patience but for the heavy minds i can't really share with him. I wonder if this is normal for preg woman? Will this leads to depression or worse? Will this affect my unborn?

    Many thanks for mummies that will share their opinions and experiences.

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    Re: Changing mood and heavy minds

    Hi mummyfirst,
    theres lots of changes during pregnancies ESP hormone changes that's y pregs may behave very differently... Sometime very sad or emotional on a lot of things.. If you cant share whats all in yr mind to your husband, you can try writing it here so that some helpful forum-ers can share their opinions to you.

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    Re: Changing mood and heavy minds

    these are all normal. Talk to your husband and try to clear yr mind. read books & watch funny movies to clear yr mind. Most impotantly is to be cheerful, yr baby will come out to be a happy baby too. During my preg, my colleague kept making me laugh all the time, my baby also kept smile or laugh at little things that we do.

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