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D&C - how to do Confinement?

This is a discussion on D&C - how to do Confinement? within the First Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; I do not know if I can handle any more bad news on this pregnancy. Anyway it is about to ...

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    D&C - how to do Confinement?

    I do not know if I can handle any more bad news on this pregnancy. Anyway it is about to come to an end soon... When I found out I was pregnant (5wks), I was overjoyed, however things started to turn downhill 2 days shortly. I started to bleed. After being prescribed by family doctor with Duphaston(progesterone pill), bleeding never really stop. Friend asked me to visit her gynae and gynae told me after my bloodtest, beta HCG7878, that I might I have encounter either miscarriage, slow growing baby or ectopic pregnancy. Repeat blood test 2 days later shows beta hcg 9401 and he was more positive that I am having ectopic pregnancy since he found no sac in my womb. Devastated my family doctor refers me to another gynae. This second gynae is not helpful either or perhaps want to earn quick money and come to a conclusion after transvarginal scan that no sac, and for my safety wants me to perform a lapascopy. I return to see 2nd gynae 3 days later for blood test, however prior blood test, she did a transvarginal, and there we both see a sac. I told her I am happy to see one and she finishes it off saying that it's only fluid. Since dear husband came along and he was equally concerned with how fast this 2nd gynae want to end this with lapascopy since she says most probably is ectopic pregnancy. dear husband was questioning what if she can't find anything in my tube? Lapascopy will cause scars on my fallopian tubes since incisions need to be done and harm or reduce my future chance of pregnancies....
    Not happy with these we went to Kandang Kerbau Hospital. After a series of tests, Kandang Kerbau Hospital diagnoses that there is really a sac inside me. My baby is in there. However it is not going normally.... and given my poor hcg 8300, i need to do a D&C. Never have my life been so lost during these 2 weeks...I keep questioning if I have done something so wrong in my life that result in such? After more than 10yrs of marriage, when we finally want a baby, and look forward to this pregnancy so much but such things happen.... I am just trying to let go with lots of tears.
    I really cannot say how much my agony over those 2 private practice gynae too and the reason why I want to share this is to bring more awareness for pregnant ladies to be more careful on private practice.

    Since I will really like to conceive again, I will like to seek your advice on confinement after D&C.

    Please advise the following:
    1. Any good confinement tingkat to recommend?
    2. How to use "Mu Ju"rice wine to bath?
    3. Is there any supplements or vitamins I should take to nurse back my health and also meant for future pregnancy?
    4. Is it true we cannot do housework at all? There is only 2 of at home...so I need to do some planning.
    5. Chicken Essence - which is better to take , the original favor or other favor (e.g cordyceps or tang kwei)?
    6. When to take Bai Feng want after the D&C (I usually buy from Eu Ren Seng)? Take for how long?

    Thanks a lot....
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