Hi all, i first visited a gynae when tested positive for pregnancy and gynae said was 5 wks plus. Only able to see the pregnancy sac which is relatively small at that time. 2 wks later went back sac is growing well can see embryo and measured 6 wks plus but as it is too small, unable to hear heartbeat. Went back again today due to aching and pain. Doc cant detect embryo using normal scan, then found it while using vaginal scan. He said i should be in week 7+ now. Seems that embryo stopped growing and no heartbeat at all. He said this is a failed pregnancy. Asked if i wanted to do an evacuation immediately to stop the pregnancy or wait for 1 more week. Im seeking 2nd opinion tml and also waiting hoping that everything will be fine. Did anyone of you experienced the same? Im very worried and at loss now. Am i losing my first baby? Thanks to advise.