A more fill persuasion
Another is (2.) A more fill persuasion of the Divine favour. Some persons say we cannot be persuaded of the Divine favour in this life, and that as to an inward perception of God's love towards us and our acceptance with him, it is all visionary and enthusiastic. But what says St. Paul ?—" I am persuaded, that neither
life nor death shall be able to separate us from the
love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." And what mean we when we pray for * such a sense of God's mercies,' as will fill our hearts with thankfulness, and dispose us unreservedly to serve and honour Him ? When, by the Holy Spirit's quickening and enlight¬ening energy, we become sensible of our sinfulness and aware of our desert, we are ready almost to con¬clude, " There is no hope."
Timberland Boots We struggle, however, for deliverance: we " hope even against hope:" and Cheap Timberland Boots under the gracious guidance and efficacious influence of the Spirit, our trembling hope gradually ripens into sweet persuasion : and when, by faith, we take the holy Sacrament, this persuasion becomes more full and jimmy choo shoes general. We Timberland learn to "joy in God" Our conviction of his favour becomes as real and perceptible to Timberland Outlet our souls, as the kindness of any earthly friend would be to our bodily senses. We " walk in love;" and though all beside should frown upon us, yet the smile of a " reconcilcd Father in Christ" would make us gladsome and happy.
A further benefit will consequently be (3.) An increase of love
jimmy choo ugg to Jesus Christ and to each other. We are naturally averse to Jesus Christ: no one, in an unrenewed state, cor¬dially wills that this man should reign over him : it is, too, the Enemy's great effort to keep us apart from Christ and ignorant jimmy choo of him.