Hi mummies,

My wife is 10 weeks pregnant now, but she has toxoplasmosis virus.
I searched online and found out the negative effects to the baby (brain, hear, liver), because fetus has no immune yet on the 1st trimester.
Of course we dont't want anything happen after the baby is born.

She did blood test on 03-May-2011, result was IgM [+] and IgG [+].
Actually we are not sure when was the initial infection. Gynae said she had been infected more than 3 months, because IgG detected positive. Then she took Spiramycin 1.5 MIU for 2 weeks on June 2011.

Next blood test was on 06-Aug, result was still IgM [+] and IgG [+].
Later on around mid-August we found out that my wife is pregnant.

Went back to gynae on 24-Aug (around 5,5 weeks) and did another blood test, result was IgM [equivocal] and IgG [+]. She is taking Spiramycin since then until now.

So now we are not sure whether the baby got infected or not.

Any mummies has experience with toxoplasmosis before?
How to check whether baby got infected with it or not?
Really appreciate if you can share...

Also if there is any recommendation for doctor that has experience with toxoplasmosis will be greatly appreciated. We want to get opinions from the experts as well.