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Backache n side pain

This is a discussion on Backache n side pain within the Third Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hi all mummies, as im approaching to 28 wks now... Im experiencing backache n side pain after i woke up. ...

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    Backache n side pain

    Hi all mummies, as im approaching to 28 wks now... Im experiencing backache n side pain after i woke up. Tried putting a pillow at my back n side but it seems useless. My right side feels the most pain everytime i woke up.

    Does anyone has experienced before n any solutions to ease the pain while sleeping n woking up?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Backache n side pain

    I have backache too. I try to sleep on my sides rather than on my back coz that reduces stress on the spine n avoid baby n uterus's weight pressing on veins. I sign up for yoga class. The breathing exercise n stretching helps. N in the day dont walk too much. Rest more. I couldn't walk too much or fast even if I want to now coz I will feel breathless.

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    Re: Backache n side pain

    Sometime putting your legs up high as you can put them (towards the ceiling) can relieve the pain. It worked for me when I had side pain.

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