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when is your edd catherlyn? at least you have on and off pain.. hee.. let's keep each other updated.. :P I'm one of the fortunate one who never had menstration cramps - so i also can't tell how exactly menstration cramp feels like... hmm... i just can continue wait wait...

ops.. kohym - didn't realised you are a hubby :P.. for me, no signals yet. baby still happily moving inside.. and I'm also happily walking around and also on leave since just pass Monday. heee.. thought will be early.. but still waiting waiting..
my edd 21st dec but my gynea said this week baby shall b popping. since sat got on n off contraction, backache, leg cramp(cant even stand for long) n only dilated 1cm... baby movement like very fed up like that keep turning here n there in stomach.... this morning got intense contraction, interval like 2-3mins but only last for 10 mins zzzz now legs feel so sore