Hi Mummies to be,

Organic Red Raspberry leaf, also known to herbalist as Hindberry, wild red raspberry, reapberry is often taken as a warm tea beverage. It is one of the more commonly used natural food for pregnant ladies to prepare their bodies in their very late stage of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth as it tones the uterine muscle preparing it for the intense contraction during childbirth. After giving birth, it is also recommended to take raspberry tea to help to shrink your womb size to pre-pregnancy stage and also to purge out any remaining blood clots.

Baby Dust Shop is strictly selling loose pack from Starwest Botanical Organic Red Raspberry Leaf that is grown in Croatia and is repacked in foodgrade sealed bags.

It is strictly advisable to check with your doctor before any consumption during pregnancy.

100 grams pack: SGD$7.00 (inclusive of normal mail postage within Singapore)
454 grams pack: SGD$30.00 (inclusive of normal mail postage within Singapore)

Pre-Order may be required depending on availability of stock.

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