Refer to website below:

Is the price just adjusted today?

I'm confused about the bill size,
if I choose 4-bedded + Normal delivery with Epidur, my medical bill will be Room rate $208.65 +Delivery charge $2,189.20?
If I choose 2-bedded + Normal delivery with Epidur, my medical bill will be Room rate $276.05 + Delivery charge $2,285.50?

2. How to calculate no.of days, stated commence from day of delivery and check out time is 11am. For example,
if I admit on 1st August before 11am then I need to check out at 2nd or 3rd August 11am to avoid additional day charge? If unlucky I admitted at 10am very rugi . First day 1 hour also charge me 1 day?

3. What is the expected additional charge not stated in the package? From What I know is Doctor charge, drug/medicine, medical supplies, procedure.
Baby package? (Is this standard amount for all normal status baby or price link to mummy bedded choise? How much?)
What is the item will be charged if provide by hospital? I read cotton ball and blue colour bed protection pad also will be charged?

4. What is the un-expected additional charge? I read from other thread there are some situation below:
- extended of labour room charge (how to calculate)
- Induce
- emergency change to C-section from normal delivery
- I heard there is additional charged for weekend, is that true? for doctor only?
- OT assistant fee - what is this?
- What else?