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Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !!

This is a discussion on Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !! within the Third Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; hi mommies, i've been suffering from agony lower backaches for past wks.. the pain actually radiate from my lower back ...

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    Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !!

    hi mommies, i've been suffering from agony lower backaches for past wks.. the pain actually radiate from my lower back to my buttock. my movements r getting more n more restrict due to the increase intensity of pain whenever i move, walk, climb stairs, etc.. have spoken to my gyne about it but he says is common n i'm given some painkiller. i do not wish to take any med n i'm thinking if there's any other remedy to alleviate the pain?

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    Re: Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !!

    How many weeks are you already?

    If you are nearing your EDD, then probably it wont go away.

    Else, you can try to put some heat pad at your lower back...or try to ask your hubby to massage your back.

    And dont sleep on your back or lean 45 degrees on your back (ie: on sofa) cos I realised this will make it worse.

    I always sleep on my side with my legs curled a little. And I put a pillow in b/w my legs and it does help...if I feel it's not enuff, I put 2 pillows b/w my legs.

    And drink plenty of water cos insufficient water also causes aches. My gynae told me very early - 1st tri.

    Hope my tips helps

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    Re: Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !!

    the backbone of your baby might be against your spine. to correct this, you can go on all fours such that your tummy hangs down towards the floor. you can do it on your bed and hug a stack of pillows. as long as your tummy hangs towards the floor and you are comfortable.
    the gravity will make your baby's backbone lie towards the front of your tummy. this is the ideal position..

    my son's backbone was against my backbone during labor.. so i had a more difficult labor than average people.. >.< so do this esp the last few weeks. i regret not being consistent. i think positioning very impt esp for natural birth.

    and remember to sleep on your sides. during labor contractions, the nurses will also ask you to lie on your sides too and avoid on your back.

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    Re: Servere lower backache during 3rd trimester.. !!

    I'd severe ache on my left hip since second trimester. Could be due my slight scoliosis too.
    Anyway, since then, I always wore a good supportive maternity belt when going out. If serious, can wear when walking at home too.
    Review is at:
    Review: Mother World Pre-Natal Support Belt | Mummy's Reviews

    I also practised pre-natal stretchs every day to strengthen my spine and muscles.
    Recently, I also had a session with a physiotherapist:
    Review: BellyFit

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