hi mummys-to-be,
i am in my 34+5weeks now. and few days ago i start to experienced a new type of symptoms. i feel some kind of sharp shooting(but endurable) pain that usually come and go within few seconds at my womb area. any ideas what is that?sometimes after feeling the pain,when i stand up,my right leg muscle will b pulled and i have bad cramps for that few seconds.. besides, i have started feeling tightening contraction in my womb since mid of my second trimester.. which of it is exactly braxton hicks?

besides this,i need solutions badly for remedy on heartburn. i've cut down food that triggers heartburns, but my heartburn still goes on at night. even if i intake food like porridge or soups, my heartburn still disturbs me at night. some nights i may be able to sleep,but when i wake up i will vomit yellowish-acidic water even when i havent started eating.
ive seen articles that says drinking milk or takin yogurt can help but the problem with me now is that i cant take in dairy products, i'll tend to feel nausea after that..

any solutions for me? this is my first pregnancy though.im feelin really terrible even though i only have 5more weeks.im on e verge of giving up...