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This is a discussion on worries within the Third Trimester forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; i am in my 30th+ week. i have 2 cats at home. ytd 1 of my cat suddenly go crazy ...

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    i am in my 30th+ week. i have 2 cats at home. ytd 1 of my cat suddenly go crazy cos got stranger outside my door step. and my tummy got 3 scratches cos of him. didnt bleed. just that the scratch mark is red and it hurts. im worried will it affect my baby? the moment he scratch me i went to wash the wound and apply cream. shld be fine right?

    and also. i have a friend who is only in her 31st week and her water bag burst suddenly. she stayed over at kk for like more than a day ended up they say water bag never burst or smth and her hubby insisted her on discharging although kk say discharge at your own risk. they say they going back to Thomson Medical Center their own gynae to check.

    anything must i avoid or watch out that im in my 3rd trim now? i am staying at home. usually go out to eat. walkwalk with hubby then come home watch tv. and i tend to eat alot of meals. isit alright?

    thanks all for reading and advise.

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    Re: worries

    I believe the cat scratches does not affect your baby but I'm concern if your cat is tame when your baby is born unless it's trained?

    Eating meals such as breakfast (eg. bread & hot milk), morning tea (eg muesli bar), lunch (eg noodle & juice), tea time (eg red bean dessert), dinner (eg rice, fish, veg, soup) & supper (eg glass of milk) is fine but in moderation (eat when you're hungry) not to over-eat. Ensure that you dont't overeat unnecessary as overweight is a concern when delivering.

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    Re: worries

    Cat scratches are fine. They dont harm your pregnancy in any way. It is just like you will also accidentally cut yourself or scratch yourself. You need to eat healthy as you need to avoid the risk of getting diabetic as that caused large baby. Since you are in your 3rd trimester, I would advise you to drink organic raspberry tea as that helps to tone up your uterus to prepare for the big day. Rest more and relax... The key word in your 3rd trimester is simply nothing but to relax... Anything you can PM me as I am working as a doula aka birth companion where I guide and accompany parents during their labor day. I am also a staff nurse to be.

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