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3D ultrasound?

This is a discussion on 3D ultrasound? within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hi... has anyone taken a 3d ultrasound scan (or even 4D video) of your baby? Does your baby look like ...

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    3D ultrasound?

    Hi... has anyone taken a 3d ultrasound scan (or even 4D video) of your baby?

    Does your baby look like his/her 3D pic? Or do you think all 3D pics of babies in the womb look the same?

    Also wondering...does your gynae volunteer to show you 3D or 4D scan (if he/she has the equipment) or do you have to ask for it?

    I just took my first 3D pic of my baby about 2 wks ago (about 26 wks), and it was amazing. But we only managed to get 1 pic coz he had both his legs and hands in front of his face...but finally managed to get a 3/4 profile of him. Now I feel like asking my doc for a 3D pic each time I go for my checkup, but somehow I feel paiseh coz it wasn't like she "volunteered" to do it for me..only after I asked. Maybe such things aren't included in the "package"? As for health risks, I'm assuming that if she didn't reject me outright the first time around, she probably doesn't think it's bad for the child either.

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    Re: 3D ultrasound?

    I didnt do 3D ultrasound but normal ones. One of my ultrasound my gynae took a close up pic of dear son face n he look exactly like the ultrasound pic

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    Re: 3D ultrasound?

    I have a 3D and a 2D ultrasound done whenever I see my gynae. So i'm guessing health risk-wise it should be ok. as to whether it looks like the actual baby... well i won't know till it comes out much later

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    Re: 3D ultrasound?

    i heard 3d scan should not do so often. Not good for the baby.

    But i will do one after week 28.. hehe

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