I need to rant! Sold my brand new never used before branded bag which I bought 2yrs ago finally yesterday after a long hiatus and now buyer just text me claiming my bag was used!
this was what happen, posted my brand new bag for sale which I am selling below current retail price and even the price I got. Buyer as usual bargain. I give way which was quite a fair bit of discount. Told buyer the bag comes in complete set everything. Send her a pic of receipt which she requested, dont't know why cos I told her I be giving that to her also. Then 'wham', asked to reserve the bag for her 2 wks. I asked if can pay a deposit and I send her something which is as good as my reputation. She say can't cos in KL. Ok fine I not in hurry, so reserve. 1wk later text her again. Again confirm the dat e and time and location still the same. Then bam! Stupid bitch last min tell me can't meet me and didn't even bother to tell me the day before. And I had to carry the bag everywhere I went on the agreed date! Then text her and exchange conversation. Reason she gave. She stay in JB, can only come over certain date. No sgd. no friend can help her. I offered to go KSL in JB meet her the following day. She say sorry I not free. Then fine. Worst she think I go JB everyday like going home. I told her sorry I dont't go JB everyday it's only coincidence I want go there to have dinner. Then finally delayed a wk again. Fixed to meet me yesterday morning at west side and mind you I stay east and she suppose to meet me t east where she agreed. Never mind. Then bam last min 30mins before meet me text me again, sorry jam in JB cos raining, accident...blah....etc... I said never mind since you on the way I wait. Then text me again, can change to another day. Bitch, I reach already. Then request I take bus go JB meet her omg, text her, I dont't have passport, swim over? Anyway, keep texting me asking change date. Finally she text me, friend to meet me and collect on her behalf. Fine, met her friend, open up the box and showed all the receipt and stuffs, showed the bag, friend checked, handles checked, bottom chevked, all over outside chevked, insides open up chevked, then remark keys can try open, told the friend just need to see the numbers on keys n padlock match. friend says ok. So I left after handed over the bag. One and half day later, now text me, claiming my bag was used? Damn. This will be the bloody last time I reserve bag for someone and demand the buyer collect immediately and personally.