I have registererd for the antenatal class at Mt.A starting 9 Apr, which will be my 28th week pregnancy. However, my friend has recommended me to go for the class organised by Thomson Medical Center, it is conducted at AMK hub which is very convenient for me. When I called to enquire, the earliest class they have is on 2 May, which will be my 33th week pregnancy (it will finish in 2 Jun which is before my EDD at 1 Jul). I would like to ask for advice :

1. is 33th week still a good time to go for antenatal class, will i be physically too "heavy" or clumsy? currently I am feeling good, praying that this will continue till my delivery.
(Wk 28th should be fine, but dont know whether I will forget what is being taught as the class would end early/mid may -- heard pregnant woman will suffer from deteriorating of memory -- is this obvious during the later part of pregnancy?)

2. is there a big difference in the antenatal class conducted in Mt.A or Thomson Medical Center beside the price? I am not delivering in these 2 hospitals so I will be paying either $214++ for Mt. A or $267++ for Thomson Medical Center.

3. lastly, is it too early to start shopping for baby now? I am currently 25th week pregnant.

Thank you in advance.