I have been on progesterone shots since 24 weeks pregnancy coz i was having alot of Braxton Hicks Contractions.Some days more than 4 an hr.So was told to go on bedrest till its safe to go into delivery.At 34 n half weeks now n my gynae says its ok if my body decided to go into labour now as baby wld be almost full term..which is a big relief!!!

Also cervix was measuring alittle short at 24 weeks at 2.5 cm..dr just measured again at 32 weeks check n say tht there was no difference.So much for all the scary internet stories tht a cervix measuring 2.5cm was at very high risk for preterm labour.Dr say a cerclage wld only be done if it was shorter than 2 cm.Just realised that its possible to walk around with a short cervix till this long.

Getting this horrible period like cramps now though but no bleeding.Sometimes there is so much pressure in the groin n lower back aches.Guess positive thinking helps also.Just cant wait to meet this little one.