Hi, i am currently 31 weeks pregnant & routine check up scan showed the baby's head size/circumference is 270mm(or 27cm). biparietal diameter is 76.8mm, which put o
her on lower percentile 7th. Her femur length is on higher centime and abd circumference is 50th-75th centile.

i was told it's on the lower size but not to worry too much, as it might be just because the baby is smaller overall or just having a smaller head as some people has smaller head.O&G is not too worried as baby head is still growing, just on the lower percentile.
she was on the average percentile on previous scan this was just picked up on last few weeks, but she is still growing just the head is not as fast as expected.

I am still a bit worried if baby is growing ok.

i am just wondering if any of you out there has your baby head's measured in your routine scan?
if so can you tell me the size and what week you are currently pregnant at?

and can you share what was your baby's head size when he/she was born?
thank you!