Hello All Preggy Ladies out there... Please take time to read once...!

First of all I want to congratulate for your Coming Soon...Happiness in advance.

I am Rup , Freelance Henna Artist.
I am also providing BELLY HENNA services at reasonable rates.
You can check my work here in my blog : Henna Artist Singapore

Belly Henna Price : Normal Henna Stain last for 1week to 10days and become lighter slowly
Simple $50
Heavy $85
Also available COLOUR HENNA DESIGNS which last only until you wash your design. Price vary .
You can reach me at hennasingapore@gmail.com or call/SMS/Whatsapp at 98571735.

i know how precious pregnancy is as I am a mother of a 2 and half year girl...! So keeping that in mind, I mix the Henna and prepare the HOME MADE HENNA CONE... Which causes no side affects.

HENNA Mixture : I use just Lemon & Tea Powder to prepare the cone ...Strictly no Chemicals used.
HENNA Stain. : Colour of Henna Stain usually depends on the persons body temperature.

I always suggest the pregnant person to take her Gynyc(doctor) permission before doing henna. As in pregnancy , the hormones are doubled sometimes very high , that you may get allergic or smell conscious. So take doctors advice before any act of HENNA ON BELLY or HANDS or Body Art...