hi everyone,

i have piles right after my miscarriage 2 weeks ago... and i think it's due to the strict confinement diet during that 1 week.. due to lots of ginger and garlic that caused all the heatiness.., i also drank chicken essence every day, so not sure if it's also heaty..

anyway, it's like hell for me everytime i go toilet. Worse still, i'll need to go toilet every now and then cos the stools can't pass out completely everytime i go toilet. I went to c GP last week, gave me oilment which didn't help.. i think it's because GP didn't examine my rectal , so did not know it's pile. I went to another GP a week later, told me it's piles and anal fissure, so need the suppositories (bullet) and medication to shrink the piles. Now on my 3rd day of mc... and still painful.

i tried to use aloe vera and sitz bath to help relieve the pain... and stool softener also.I dont even DARE TO EAT or SHIT. Very scared of the sharp acute pain when passing motion... can't even sit down or walk.

THE THING is i want to conceive again in 3-4 mths time and after reading so many stories of ppl having piles during and after preg, i'm really afraid what if my piles will give me the same painful experience then..?? Pls advice, if you know of any good solutions to prevent this...

As for the bullet to insert in, i do have problem as the bullet keeps sliding out of the anus and melt in my hand, what shld i do? Any advice?