All the jokes you want about Caliph arts but methane is times more poisonous than co and it's not just methane livestock is also one of the biggest culprits and land degradation air and water pollution water shortages and loss of biodiversity there's more light half the antibiotics in this country are not administered to people but to animals a list like this become kind of naming so let me just say this: if your progressive if you're driving a Pries or you’re shopping green are your looking for organic should probably be asthma vegetarian now I'm no more anti cat will then I am anti Adam but it's on the way we use these facts there's another piece to the puzzle which and Cooper muscle factor x talked about dutifully yesterday and one you already know there's no question not that so-called lifestyle diseases diabetes heart disease stroke some cancers are diseases that are far more prevalent here than anywhere and the rest of the world and that's the direct result beating a Western diet our demand for me dairy and refined carbohydrates the world consumes one billion cans or bottles of coke away our demand for these things not or need are want drives us to consume way more calories than are good for us and those calories are in foods that cause not prevent disease now global warming was unforeseen we didn't know the pollution did more than cause bad visibility maybe a few long diseases here and there but you know that Russia too big deal.

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