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C-section at Kandang Kerbau Hospital

This is a discussion on C-section at Kandang Kerbau Hospital within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; hi all, im a first time mummy to be due in late september. just wanted to know if husband can ...

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    Cool C-section at Kandang Kerbau Hospital

    hi all,

    im a first time mummy to be due in late september. just wanted to know if husband can accompany me during c-section procedure in Kandang Kerbau Hospital? or anyone kind enough to share c-sect experience in Kandang Kerbau Hospital?
    im quite nervous actually. =)

    thank you.

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    mine was an emergency c sect. seeing dr HY Wee. undergo induction for 2 days but ny cervix simply refuse to open. once we sign the consent, i am in the OT within 8mins. my husband is not allowed inside as its an e csect. but i think elective can. i went for epidural during labour so need not undergo GA. the.procedure was very fast. they will top up the epidural, mmonitor your.vital signs make sure you can feel nothing.by using the ice pack test, then there it goes. you may ecperience.some tremors. thts the side effect.of the epi. you will feel nothjbg whn they do the cut except some tugging whn they try to open your womb and pull the baby out. from the start of the op, within like 5- 10mins you will hear your baby crying..then.the doc will show you.your baby for a brief second, tell you boy or.girl then pass to the midwife for cleaning and checking of baby while the doc continue to stitch up your wound which will take about 10-20 mins time.

    you will be out of ot to the recovery room and thr you rest about 30 mins with monitorings. if everything stable they will send.you bck to your ward after that.

    you will be.on a urine catheter.bcoz you are suppose.to rest in bed at least 1-22days and your wound.will be painful whn the.epidural wears.off. so you cant walk also. they off my urine catheter on the 2nd day and i.am.off my bed.walking. its pretty painful but my advise is start walking early. the earlier you start to ambulate the faster your wound heals. by my 4th- 5th day i can walk like per.normal . they.will advise you.to by a binder like a tight corset which.gives.compression and.reduces pain. you can also press onto your wound whn.walking so to relieve pain but just walk walk and walk within your.limits.


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