Hi Mummies - quick handy tips. Having a baby changes the way you utilize your body and your back is the most important of all. Remember, a healthy YOU can care better for your precious bundle!

Oh yea, we've all heard of pregnancy backaches. Post pregnancy backaches anyone - the one that comes about from caring for your precious angel and the mountain of necessities that come along with (read: car seat, stroller, diaper bags and your lil bub!)
Great tips on caring for your back, re-purposed with slight edits from babyzone.com.
Heavy Lifting: A New Mom's Guide for Avoiding Injury

  1. Lugging and infant seat : Put both hands on the handle, bend your elbows, and carry the car seat in front of you. The less distance between your torso and what you’re carrying, the better for your back. Using both hands also helps distribute the weight evenly.
  2. Lifting Your Baby from the Crib: Plant your feet shoulder-width apart, lower the crib railing, and bend your knees. Then bring your baby as close to your body as possible before lifting him.

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