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Coping with 3?

This is a discussion on Coping with 3? within the General Pregnancy Discussion forum, part of the Pregnancy Forum category; Hi all, I am a soon to be mummy of three, due in April 2015. I have 2 daughters, 2yo ...

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    Coping with 3?

    Hi all, I am a soon to be mummy of three, due in April 2015. I have 2 daughters, 2yo and 4yo. Being 8months preggy now, the reality is starting to sink in and I am starting to wonder if I can cope with 3kids on my own. Currently I am a stay at home mum, never had help from either side parents since they are all working and got their own commitments. Any tips on how to survive the first few weeks of getting used to being a new mummy again to number 3? Both my girls are in full day childcare, but I dont know if I am able to send and fetch them to school during the confinement period...

    Any mummies with 3 or more kids can share tips on staying sane and survive or even your own experiences of having a big family?

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    Re: Coping with 3?

    No its my first pregnancy and you need your parental help because your 3 kids are small you can't take care of all three at home.

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    Re: Coping with 3?

    Hi! I believe your baby is out? How're you coping! I'm also in the same situation with you. My eldest 33mths, middle 22mths & my youngest already 8mths! I was like you, stressed and all, but I believe as time went by you found a way! Both side parents are working too, and hub usually works from morning till late at night. Honestly this isn't the right advice but I did everything by myself. Apart from the first 3 days or so I had hub's help with sending the kids to childcare, after that I did everything on my own. From sending to & fro, to housework and stuff. I strongly suggest you get a confinement nanny if possible, for me I dont't have the means. Everyone tells me I'm gonna suffer when I grow old due to going out touching water etc etc. But if there isn't any help a mom's gotta do what mom's gotta do, right? Overall what I'm trying to say is you'll find a way

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